Frquently Asked Questions

Simple Answers To Your Most Common Questions

Why do we need an app in this industry?
Jewellery industry still functions in primitive ways, and therefore needs to be upgraded. Having an app will make it easy for the buyers and suppliers to find a common platform to interact.
JewelRap is an app with a unique and a simplified model allowing the retailers and wholesalers to find a common platform to interact and boost their business. The app aims to bridge the gap between demand and supply by providing a user-friendly platform for this industry.

In which categories does JewelRap deal in?
The app deals in almost all types of Diamond & Jewellery which includes-
- Solitaire
- Loose Diamond
- Diamond Jewellery
- Gold Jewellery
- Silver
- Color Stone

How to become a Member of JewelRap ?
To become a member of JewelRap you must simply download the app from play store or app store and then select your preferred user role i.e. retailer or wholesaler. After verification your account will be activated within 24 working hours.

Can someone do business into multiple categories ?
Yes, anyone who wants to select multiple categories needs to pay accordingly and can get market’s live demand in those categories as well. To do that, while signing up, select any 1 category, you want to be part of and contact our customer care or get in touch with our executives for any additional category.

Under what all categories, one can upload their stock ?
Categories under which you can upload your stock includes -
Loose diamonds

Can someone showcase their stock on app ?
Yes, Jewellers can showcase their Solitaire & Loose Diamond stock on the app, for that JewelRap provides you stock uploading feature at a very reasonable price. Enlist the pieces and showcase them nationwide & buyers can search, select & purchase accordingly.

Why There is no feature to upload stock in diamond and gold jewellery category ?
It is because diamond and gold jewellery categories depend upon their designs and when the designs are disclosed, the chances of getting designs copied increases. Moreover, it will be difficult to upload all the specifications.

What is the verification process ?
For every user, who wants to be a part of JewelRap, they need to be verified from us via our verification process. Which is a combination of GST verification, address verification, showroom visit, market references etc.

Why this membership is paid ?
The paid membership allows the users to gain maximum benefits from our services without any interruption. A paid membership helps open a door of opportunities for the sellers as well as the buyers.

Why there is a price difference for wholesaler & Retailer ?
The benefits of wholesaler and retailer are different, Retailers can only view the stock and place demand but a wholesaler can sell their own stock through this app, apart from all the benefits retail role gets.

How JewelRap is better than any other platform ?
JewelRap is a safe and secure platform where only verified wholesalers and retailers can interact with each other. The strict verification of the members makes this platform unique and better.

What is solitaire on sale ?
It is a new feature which will allows users to put their solitaire piece for sale on JewelRap. The sale will run for 2 days in a week and the pieces offering the best deals will be displayed to all the users regardless of their user role.

How to enroll for Solitaire for sale ?
Login to your dashboard and select solitaire on sale
Enter all the specs of your solitaire piece that you want to display and pay the registration charges
We will review your piece and specification and if we find it to be a better deal from the market we will list it or will return your payment.

For More information Call our customer service or get in touch with our executives

How To Download The App?

With JewelRap’s mobile application you can access the jewellery market from anywhere and at any time. Just open the App Store/ Google Play Store, browse for JewelRap and download the app.